Flying Taxis? How Central Florida Is Planning AdvancedAirMobility

Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles will soon change how we travel and move people and goods between and within cities. Quieter and more energy efficient than conventional aircraft, eVTOLs do not need long runways and can operate in dense urban environments. Rooftop vertiports can become transit-oriented development hubs that don’t require miles of unconstrained, linear right-of-way for roads, bridges, and rail.

The City of Orlando is preparing an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Transportation Plan for this emerging technology, using community workshops where transportation agencies, local governments, and private citizens discuss equitable, economic, and environmental challenges and opportunities.

The city is also leveraging a partnership with NASA to share best practices in advancing a transformative regional connectivity plan. The input gathered through the planning process will help inform the equitable, safe, and early advancement of air-taxi vertiports in central Florida. Learn what ideas are shaping AAM there and how other communities can prepare for their own future networks. Orlando’s aero-research partnership with NASA prioritizes engagement with a diverse community during the planning stages to elevate opportunities for everyone to benefit from this transformational mode of transportation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the emerging market for Advanced Air Mobility and Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicles and how they will transform transportation.
  • Understand the transportation, environmental, economic, and community opportunities and challenges that local governments must consider to develop AAM and eVTOL partnerships.
  • Define best practices in creating public and private partnerships to develop AAM networks in municipalities, and learn the top concerns of stakeholders in the central Florida region.

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