Green Infrastructure Retrofit Program in Hyperdrive


  • New planning perspectives and tools to implement green infrastructure
  • New sources for alternative financing and management of regulatory and resource-protection programs
  • How to leverage multiple environmental, resiliency, economic, and community-development programs


This panel discussion explores the exponential implementation of green infrastructure in Prince George's County, Maryland. The Clean Water Partnership is a community-based public-private partnership (P3) between Corvias Solutions and Prince George's County that was formed to plan, design, and maintain the stormwater NPDES retrofit program for the county. The panel represents the perspectives of the local government, program manager, and planner. The county speaker presents the governing principles of the long-term, 30-year master agreement and financing arrangements. The representative for Corvias presents the implementation structure, which includes a significant local green jobs and business program and innovative community engagement. The Low Impact Development Center representative presents the green-infrastructure planning efforts used to select projects and facilitate community revitalization and water-quality restoration. Learn about the program background, key challenges, and future direction from lessons learned. Learn how to streamline and efficiently plan and implement large-scale green-infrastructure projects and achieve leveraged benefits for community and economic development.