Get on Board! Technology, Public Health, and Transit

Flexible application of technical and analytical skills by planners is important for carrying transit through the pandemic. The Delaware Transit Corporation's (DTC) Office of Innovation supports work on automation, improving the transit experience, and keeping the indoor bus environment healthy. Transit continued to be there for customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than retreating in the face of declining ridership, transit agencies must identify and support people who need improved service. Learn about two initiatives at DTC: a microtransit launch and an evaluation of indoor air quality on buses. 

This Fundamental Planning Knowledge Session will cover the following Core Competency: Research Technical & Analytical: Specific tasks required in the practice of planning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why fundamental planning knowledge was important for transit planners to help their agencies pivot in the face of the pandemic.
  • Identify allied professionals who are partners in planning for transit and work together to improve the transit experience.
  • Allocate resources to reposition your agency to serve people who remained on and are returning to transit.

The NPC Peer Reviewers assigned this presentation a learning level of Foundational. For more on learning level descriptions visit our General