Burnham Forum: Zoning Reform and Solving the Housing Supply Challenge

Course Details

Housing continues to be a central issue for the nation. New research highlights the ongoing challenge of underproduction and its related problems of affordability, availability, and mobility. Zoning reform is an essential part of solving this problem. This year’s Burnham Forum will feature national leaders examining how planning and zoning reform can boost supply, increase affordability, and advance equity. This year’s Burnham Forum will delve into the issue of how planning and zoning reform can address the problem of housing undersupply and, critically, how to ensure that housing options are located in areas of opportunity. Hear the latest findings from an APA-sponsored housing underproduction report. Congressional leaders will talk about how federal policy can support local reform and boost housing. A panel of experts will discuss the plans and policies needed to help communities tackle the housing crisis and lay a foundation for growth and shared prosperity. Discover how housing, planning, and zoning challenges are evolving and new strategies for reform, including lessons from the states and communities who are exploring new solutions, innovations, and reforms. Find out how planners are leading change and how to engage with partners and policymakers to create a foundation for housing opportunity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize insights from new housing underproduction research to inform local housing plans, zoning reform, and related initiatives.
  • Examine the economic, political, and social trends affecting zoning.
  • Apply housing trends and approaches to improve local and regional housing production and affordability.