Housing for a Resilient New Orleans


  • Lessons from complementary planning efforts to address housing affordability and fair housing within New Orleans
  • How to build an understanding of local approaches to address rising housing costs and displacement, drawing on both local knowledge and best practices
  • How to imagine the long-term legacy of planning efforts, including those driven by community-based organizations and those driven by municipal governments


New Orleans exemplifies the ultimate comeback story – and nowhere is this comeback more apparent than in the city's housing market. Since 2000, home values and rents within New Orleans doubled, threatening the city's growing prosperity and the stability of New Orleans's most precious asset: its residents. Even with $1 billion in new affordable housing projects, the city knew that it needed to do more to ensure its long-time residents could still call the Crescent City home. Explore the progression of housing planning efforts within New Orleans, beginning with HousingNOLA. HousingNOLA, a collaborative planning and implementation effort, provided the overarching direction and community-driven process to support development of Housing for a Resilient New Orleans, Mayor Mitch Landrieu's five-year housing strategy. Panelists share lessons learned through the development of both planning efforts, including engaging residents, balancing needs across the housing spectrum, addressing displacement pressures, creating accountability, and coordinating with other planning efforts, including one of the country's first Assessments of Fair Housing. The course concludes with panelists discussing the outcomes that each plan has already achieved, including the implementation tools used or developed and the legacy of these two planning efforts.