Equity and Social Justice: Fast and Fun

Course Details

Five presentations on innovative equity- and social justice-oriented projects: gendered experiences in public spaces in Islamabad, collaborations to support international students, housing and cities so 'no one is left behind', map tools as community engagement, and green space in informal settlements. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Aabiya: 
    • To understand the significance of a research method that can potentially be used for collaborative and participatory planning with community members, particularly women. 
    • To learn how to design planning research around gendered perspectives of the city and its built environment.
  • Alejandra: 
    • Labor shortages affecting rural areas 
    • Innovative economic development efforts that tap into global talent 
    • Cross-sector partnerships
  • Tilahun Fikadu: 
    • Uncover the level of awareness about urban green spaces in East African cities 
    • Examine the differences in perception of urban green spaces between formal and informal settlements