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About APA Learn
Certification Maintenance
Licensing and Access Codes

About APA Learn

Q. What is APA Learn?

A. APA Learn is a state-of-the-art online platform for self-directed continuing planning education for individuals and groups. It features high-quality content on a broad range of planning topics. It is also affordable and convenient.


Q. What types of online courses are available?

A. The APA Learn catalog includes nearly 400 online courses in various learning formats:

  • Recorded sessions from APA live events, including National Planning Conferences and Policy and Advocacy Conferences. These can be purchased individually or in curated collections.
  • Recorded webinars on a single topic.
  • Interactive courses that feature activities for the learner throughout the course.
  • Series — a sequence of courses purchased for one price that must be taken in a specific order. The learner must complete all courses before the series can be evaluated and logged for CM credit.  
  • Collections — curated selections of courses purchased for one price that can be completed in any order, evaluated separately, and logged separately for CM credit.  

APA will add hundreds of courses annually, with more learning formats to come.


Q. I purchased a course. Where can I view it?

A. If you wish to access the course immediately after purchase, just click the “Open” link on the receipt or in the confirmation email you receive after your purchase.

If you want to view it at a later date, you can access your APA Learn courses in My APA under “APA Learn Courses” and under “My Receipts;” or simply login to APA Learn and any course you purchased, will be listed on your APA Learn Dashboard


Q. How long will I have access to my APA Learn course?

A. If you purchased the course for personal use, you will have access for one year from the date of purchase.

A learner who receives an access code as part of a group license will have access to the course for one year from the date he or she enters the code in APA Learn.


Q. What if I started watching a course and had to stop? Do I have to re-start at the beginning?

A. Not at all! APA Learn creates a bookmark where you stop watching a video, so you can pick up at the exact point you stopped — at any time and on any device.


Q. How can I find out the status of my APA Learn courses?

A. APA Learn tracks your online education in three helpful ways:

  • Your Dashboard’s “Course Overview” displays your courses in three categories:

               - “In Progress” uses easy-to-read graphics to track your progress through courses you’re currently taking;
               - “Future” lists courses you have purchased that will not be available until a future date; and                 
               - “Past” lists courses you have completed.

  • A Certificate of Completion can be printed out for each course you finish. The certificate will document the course title and the length of the course.
  • Your APA Learn Transcript summarizes all the APA Learn courses you have purchased, lists the dates each course was started and completed, and links to your Certificates of Completion. Use this tool to track your learning progress and share your achievements with employers.

Note for AICP members: Your APA Learn Transcript differs from your CM Log. In order for a completed APA Learn course to appear in your CM Log, click the link to “Add the CM credits from this course to your CM Log” on the APA Learn course page and go through the process described below.


Q. In my course I see empty check boxes next activities. How do I ‘tick’ these?

A. If a box with a dotted border is shown, a tick will appear automatically when you have completed the activity according to the conditions set by course. If a box with a solid border is shown, you can click it to tick the box when you think you have completed the activity.


Certification Maintenance

Q. Does APA Learn work with the AICP Certification Maintenance program?

A. Yes! AICP members will find that APA Learn works hand-in-hand with CM. It is easier than ever to find, complete, evaluate, and log CM credit for courses. APA Learn offered more than 500 CM credits at launch!


Q. How do I log CM credit when I finish an APA Learn course?

A. When you complete a course:

  • Return to the APA Learn course page and click “Evaluate.”
  • Complete the course evaluation on APA Learn. (Most answers will auto-fill for identical questions in the course evaluation in your CM log.) When you finish, return to the APA Learn course page.
  • Click the link under “Claim CM. “
  • The partially-completed CM course evaluation will appear. Complete the evaluation by indicating:
                 - (at the top, optional) If you were a speaker/instructor, check the box indicating you were a speaker/instructor                       
                 - (optional) Adjust content and speaker ratings populated from the APA Learn Course Evaluation and add comments; and
                 - (at the bottom) If you agree to APA publishing your comments.

  • Click “Submit.” This will log your CM credits.
  • Check your CM log to verify the CM credits totals have adjusted accordingly.


Q. I completed an APA Learn course, but I’m not sure if these credits have been added to my CM Log. How can I check if the credits from an APA Learn course have been added to my CM Log?

A. Visit your CM Log (www.planning.org/cm/log) and click the green button, “Add APA Learn Course Credits,” to see a list of completed APA Learn courses that have not been added to your CM Log. For instructions on how to log CM credits, please visit: https://planning.org/cm/howtologcredits/


Q. Who can I speak with about an issue I am having with logging CM credits for an APA Learn Course?

A. Please contact the CM customer service staff at AICPCM@planning.org or 312.431.9100 and ask for a CM customer service representative.



Q. How much does an APA Learn course cost?

A. APA members pay only $20 per credit hour for any APA Learn course. Nonmembers pay $40 per credit hour.

Save 50 percent on every APA Learn purchase — Join APA today!


Q. Are there discounts for group purchases?

A. Discounts are available for groups of five or more learners. Specify the number of learners when you purchase the course. APA Learn will figure the total cost before you add it to your shopping cart.

  • 5-25 learners (15 percent discount)
  • 26–100 learners (25 percent discount)

APA members save 50 percent on every purchase — Join APA today!


Q. If I’m unhappy with my purchase, will APA issue a refund?

A. Yes. We want you to be satisfied with your online learning. If you are unhappy with your APA Learn purchase for any reason and have not claimed CM for that course, please request a refund by emailing customerservice@planning.org within five business days of purchase. APA will not issue a refund after CM has been claimed for a course.


Licensing and Access Codes

Q. Do I need an access code?

A. Not if you purchased the course for personal use. If someone else purchased the course, you need an access code to enroll and view the course. The purchaser is responsible for sending you the access code.


Q. Can I buy a course for someone else?

A. Yes. When you add the APA Learn course to your cart, select “Purchasing a course for an individual other than yourself? Click here to receive an access code for the learner.” APA will send you an email with the access code for the learner. The access code also will appear on your purchase receipt.


Q. Can I purchase a course and watch it with work colleagues as a group?

A. Yes. Specify the number of learners in your group when you buy the course. Discounts are available for groups of five or more. APA will send you the correct number of access codes, which you will distribute to each group member. This will enable each learner to complete, evaluate, and log CM credit for the course.


Q. Who is a “licensed learner?”

A. If you purchase an APA Learn course for personal use, you are the licensed learner. The course will automatically appear in your APA Learn Dashboard and do not need an access code.

If you purchase an APA Learn course for another individual or a group, APA will email the correct number of access codes to you; they also will appear in the “Receipts” section of your
My APA. You are responsible for distributing them to individual learners. Every person who activates an access code for the course is a licensed learner. An access code can be activated only once.

APA Learn automatically connects licensed learners who are AICP-certified with their CM logs. Only licensed learners can claim CM credit for APA Learn courses.


Q. I purchased a course for multiple learners. Can I track which access codes have been redeemed?

A. You may view all access codes, including which ones have been redeemed, at any time by clicking on that order in the “Receipts” section of My APA.

Q. I have an access code for a course. How do I activate it?

A. You can activate your code in one of two ways:

1)      Go to the APA Learn Homepage or your APA Learn Dashboard and enter the code in the text box on the right side of the page. Click the green “Enroll” button to access the course and add the course to your Dashboard.

2)      Find the course using the APA Learn catalog and choose “Enrollment Options” from the Course Detail page. On the Enrollment Options page, enter your access code in the text box at the bottom and hit the green “Enroll” Button.

You’re now officially a licensed learner, enrolled in the course, and ready to learn.



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