Digital Twins 101

Course Details

One of the planners' greatest challenges today is managing the accelerating pace of change in our cities and the economy caused by the emergence of digital technologies and new sources and volumes of data. The built environment is one of the most significant contributors to our well-being and prosperity, and how we shape it can help achieve our climate commitments, support productivity gains, and enhance human prosperity and well-being. New tools offered by the digital revolution hold the potential to enhance the way planners can plan with their communities profoundly, and Digital Twins are quickly gaining use as a promising technology in this field.

This webinar defines the concept of the Digital Twin and explains how planners can use this tool to manage change within their communities by not only responding more quickly to disruption but also anticipating and preparing for it. It provides knowledge to support the ability of practitioners and policymakers to shape high-performing built environments. The webinar will help participants build their readiness to engage, plan, and create with Digital Twins.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a clear understanding of the concept of a Digital Twin, including its advantages for an organization or project, and the methods to establish its purpose
  • Acquire a thorough knowledge of the five core capabilities of Digital Twins, enabling effective orientation within this domain
  • Learn important considerations for making the business case for investing resources in a Digital Twin for your department or organization