Connecting Housing and Infrastructure Policy

Course Details

*The full session will be posted on-demand for all Policy and Advocacy Conference attendees.* Federal policymakers are increasingly focused on the intersection of housing and transportation. The bipartisan infrastructure law encourages stronger linkage and good planning. Additionally, the Housing Supply Action Plan creates a major incentive for zoning reform and addressing housing affordability. Hear top officials from the Biden Administration discuss these initiatives and why they see housing planning and zoning reform as vital to the success of the infrastructure law. Leaders at the White House and on Capitol Hill are increasingly focused on using federal policy to create a stronger connection between housing opportunity and infrastructure investment. These efforts are also seen as a vital tool for addressing other key priorities, such as reducing transportation emissions, advancing environmental justice, and improving access to opportunity for disadvantaged communities. There are new tools and programs in the bipartisan infrastructure law, a major push on incentivizing local zoning reform, and technical assistance efforts bringing HUD and DOT together in supporting communities. Biden Administration officials will highlight these efforts and give planners new insights on this important evolution in federal transportation and housing policy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize insights on housing, land use, and zoning reform criteria established by U.S. DOT to increase the competitiveness of infrastructure grant applications.
  • Incorporate federal resources and incentives under the White House Housing Supply Action Plan into local housing plans and code reform.
  • Access new federal technical assistance resources and infrastructure priorities to improve local and regional plans and program implementation.