Using the Future to Create Dynamic Plans

Course Details 

As planners, we shape the future of our communities. However, to be able to shape the future we first need to be able to imagine it. The world around us is changing at an accelerated pace, and the future is more unknowable than ever before. Tech innovations, societal and political shifts, climate change, economic restructuring, and unknown implications from the COVID-19 pandemic make it more difficult to effectively plan for a future where the only true certainty is more change.     

The path forward requires adjusting, adapting, and even reinventing planning processes, tools, and skills to meet the needs of a changing world. Using the Future to Create Dynamic Plans gives planners the ability to imagine multiple plausible futures, use the future in our work, and plan with the future.    

This interactive self-paced training includes how to use strategic foresight in planning with applicable tools and methodologies to equip planners with the essential skills needed to navigate change and understand how future uncertainties may impact communities.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Imagine multiple plausible futures and their potential impacts on communities   
  • Use foresight methodologies to make sense of the future and related uncertainties  
  • Identify emerging trends and signals and integrate drivers of change in your plans   
  • Create dynamic plans that allow for agility and generate more resilience