Creating Smart, Sustainable, Resilient Communities and Cities

The APA’s International Division is proud to partner with APA to organize and host the APA World Town Planning Day, a one-day virtual conference that brings together hundreds of U.S. and international planners from all over the world.  Centering on international dialogue, APA World Town Planning Day presents the valuable opportunity for Planners in the United States to explore global planning methodologies and lessons learned, and the potential for application in their own cities and communities. This year’s theme, Think Global, Plan Local, explored the central role of the planning profession in local climate action and implementation of global sustainable development goals. 

Course Details

This course recorded at the 2022 World Town Planning Day, presents planners around the world, that worked on the "Smart Cultural Precinct @ Central" in Hong Kong; "URBAN MENUS," an adaptable 3D tool and training program for participative and impact-oriented urban planning; the "HIJO Development and Trinity Project" in agriculture, property development, leisure and tourism, food, and port operations in the Philippines; transit-oriented development and smart city initiatives in India; and a project by Urban Risk Lab in Japan. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe the Smart and Sustainable City Framework and SCP local initiative by ISU /UDP International.  
  • Differentiate smart, sustainable and resilient initiatives undertaken in Asia including, India, Philippines, and Japan.  
  • Highlight the importance of local planning at the community level with a focus on people, place, and planet. 

This course qualifies for AICP Sustainability and Resilience CM credit through the coverage of Public Education and Involvement in Resilience and Tools & Mechanisms for S&R  topic/s. The APA Education Committee has reviewed and approved this course as important to enhancing a planner’s skillset as they prepare to both act now and plan for the future.

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