Charge On! Preparing for an Electric Mobility Future

Course Details

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides up to $7.5 billion for states to implement a national electric-vehicle (EV) charging network and increase EV accessibility for all Americans. Accessing these funds requires cities, counties, and utilities to collaborate on EV needs assessments, master planning, site design, technical specifications, and related implementation activities.

The availability of EV-charging infrastructure will transform how we move within and between our communities, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. This presentation offers municipal, county, and utility perspectives on needs, best practices, and case studies from a variety of communities. EV planning resources will help you position your community for success. This presentation considers community charging, fleet charging, and even Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft to support Advanced Air Mobility.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify federal funding opportunities available to support electric-vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Design site amenities that improve the user experience at charging sites.
  • Assess gaps in existing charging networks and learn how to provide equitable access to charging.