Net-Zero Emissions

Course Details

This course includes practical, relevant information about how small urban and rural transit agencies can understand their carbon footprint and start a journey toward net-zero operations. Although work on "greening" transit often stops at vehicle fuels, participants learn how including structures, operations, and propulsion-systems technology uncovers opportunities at scales that best fit local conditions and funding opportunities.

The presentation touches on measuring the emissions footprint of smaller transit providers and how that can lead to straightforward performance measurement that will help track, communicate, and improve net-zero results.

Presenters share methodologies and innovations for measuring emissions and discuss detailed project results. They describe how the team adapted to different providers’ needs, and offer strategies for using best practices to achieve sustainable net-zero transit programs.

By doing nothing, local communities miss opportunities to lead in the climate challenge. Learn how to leverage your role as a leader in social benefits, connectivity, and innovative mobility.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Develop implementable strategies to create sustainable programs.
    • Learn holistic opportunities to reduce emissions from small transit agencies that serve low-income and rural communities.
    • Assess methods for measuring multi-tier emissions.