Smart and Sustainable City Framework

The Smart and Sustainable City Framework, developed by the Institute for Sustainable Urbanisation (ISU), emphasizes the importance of Smart Thinking, Planning and Design. “Smart Thinking” starts with the preliminary thoughts and ideas to the visions and processes of developing a Smart and Sustainable City with a focus on “Smart People,” “Smart Place,” and “Smart Planet” to ensure innovative solutions to help create a liveable, walkable, resilient, and happy city for all to enjoy.  Smart People refers to citizens having a healthy lifestyle caring for environmental and social sustainability, Smart Places are designed for people to enjoy., and Smart Planet means that the natural environment and the built environment work together in harmony.

  • Smart Living improves the quality of life by ensuring liveability, affordability as well as the provision of sufficient open space and community facilities.
  • Smart Environment focuses on sustainability and resiliency, which includes green buildings and neighborhoods; high-quality open space and public space; energy and resource efficiency to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Smart Mobility refers to accessibility and connectivity with multi-modal public transit, including Transit and Pedestrian Oriented Development (TPOD) prioritized with non-motorized transport options including walking and biking.
  • Smart Infrastructure encompasses basic infrastructure such as roads and utilities enabled with ICT technology including smart grid and sustainable monitoring.
  • Smart Governance refers to strong leadership with a common vision while engaging the community in a transparent and inclusive manner ensuring good governance with sound decision-making processes.
  • Smart Economy includes a diverse economy that promotes knowledge-based and other clean industries while being locally viable and competitive on a global scale, nurturing entrepreneurship and offering employment opportunities to all. 

The above six key elements work together with technology as an enabler to help create smart and sustainable cities and communities for all.